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Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for your RV

If you’re looking for some small kitchen storage ideas, hopefully these will give you some inspiration for how you can organize the space in your own small RV kitchen.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the RV kitchens that I see can actually be classed as a ‘kitchen’; they’re so small that I’m surprised if anything more than a cup of tea can be prepared in the space.

But no matter how large or small your RV kitchen is, there are always ways that you can utilise the space so that you get maximum storage and use out of it.

I know many of us don’t go RVing so that you can spend hours cooking and preparing meals, but you do want whatever space you do have, to be practical and useful.

Here are some of the most useful small kitchen storage ideas that I could find.

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Create a hideaway in false sink fronts

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Create a hideaway in false sink fronts. When you need to utilize all the space you can in your small RV kitchen.

I find it frustrating that some RV manufacturers would allow dead space in their rigs, when it could be used for storage. So I love this great tip from All Things Free that makes great use of the empty space at the front of your RV kitchen sink.

My disclaimer to this is that there are some places in your RV that you don’t want to use as storage. Like, they’re left empty and inaccessible because they are ventilation spaces or something like that.

But the front of the sink is perfect for storing dishclothes etc!



Use magnetic spice containers

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Use magnetic spice containers - when you need to utilize all the space you can in your small RV kitchen.

These magnetic spice containers can be stored on the door or side of the fridge, or if you have a steel splash back then you can store them there and have them right at hand.

My friend Ashley created a whole wall of spices in her fifth wheel kitchen, you can see how she did it here.



Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Use tension rods to hang spray bottles - when you need to utilize all the space you can in your small RV kitchen.

This is an easy-to-implement idea from A Thousand Words and it’s great because it gets the bottles up off the bottom of the cupboard so that you can utilize the space for other things.



Hang things on the inside of cupboard doors by using:


Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Add hooks (either over cupboard door, fixed or command) and make the most of some of that wasted space.

Either over-cupboard, fixed or adhesive hooks:



Baskets, boxes or racks

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - use the inside of your cupboards by hanging baskets, boxes or racks to store items. Especially the ones that are used often as this space is easy to get to.

Baskets and boxes don’t have to be what you would normally think, these document holders work perfectly for foil, plastic wrap and baking paper. (Fun fact: in NZ aluminium foil = tin foil and plastic wrap / cling film = glad wrap).



Store things vertically

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Store things vertically - when you need to utilize all the space you can in your small RV kitchen.

Source: Mimi’s Crafty World


Use Stackable Shelves

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Use small stackable shelves - when you need to utilize all the space you can in your small RV kitchen.

Source: A Place for Everything


Bag Organizers


Stuck for ideas? Need help with finding more storage space in your RV?

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Get more storage ideas and create space out of thin air with this awesome ebook: Create Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage to Your RV (or Other Tiny Home)


If you’re renovating an RV or converting a bus or van, then the world is your oyster! Rather than just trying to add storage spaces wherever you can, you can incorporate storage solutions into your design. Here are some of the great ideas that I think are worth exploring.

Pull-out pantry

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - the pull out pantry is often standard on many new model RVs, but if you're thinking of doing an RV renovation or bus/van conversion it's worth keeping these in mind!

This one’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it? Source: Leisure Vans

Hideaway microwave

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - Hideaway the microwave so that it can go into a cupboard sideways and doesn't take up precious counter space.

A microwave is often only used for really short amounts of time and rather infrequently, so it makes sense to hide it away and bring it out only when it’s needed. Source: Apartment Therapy

What other small kitchen storage ideas do you have?

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 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas - When you're limited in space you need to make the most of all the storage that you have in your small RV kitchen. These tips will help you to maximize the space to get the most storage and usefulness.



Thursday 7th of November 2019

I find a lot of these organization pictures look beautiful but how do they keep the dishes from not sliding off or breaking as you are motoring down the highway on the way to your next adventure


Thursday 7th of November 2019

Hi Kim, I've heard of people putting dots of silicon on the bottom of their porcelain plates (to stop them sliding and scratching the other plates) or using a drawer/shelf liner to stop things sliding about. Personally... our cabinets are so small that there's literally no where for anything to slide. :)


Thursday 28th of December 2017

Show about some ideas for storage in a Pleasureway Excel van?

Karen Taughinbaugh

Friday 27th of October 2017

Try putting your plates and cups in a drawer using dowels or cardboard dividers. In our trailer I use magazine holders to hold my melamine plates and platters in an upper cabinet because I have small drawers. I do have some smaller glasses in my drawer with cardboard dividers like for ornaments.

Tammy Tyssen

Thursday 21st of September 2017

I really need more ideas!! Love what I see but it doea not reflect the solution for why I am.having a issue!! We just bought a 94 model 5th wheel. The kitchen is so nice. Has plenty of drawers..but there is a pantry cabinet. And a cabinet along the wall. The wall is in the curve of the camper. So the inside wall is curved. This makes for smaller space and less items that can be stored there. Then to top it off, the cabinet is not wide enough to put my plates in. We are RVing full time!!

kia gregson

Monday 7th of August 2017

Love this! just what i've been looking for super helpful! i've just started the planing for my van conversion but really needed to know the best way to maximise my storage space! So thank you, really helpful

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