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Small RV / Trailers Bathroom Ideas

I’ve got a little bit of a fascination with RV bathrooms. Especially small RV/trailers bathrooms, because I’m intrigued with how to fit in all the things that make a bathroom doable for me… without taking up half the RV.

So in this post I’m going to explore some of the options I’ve seen for a small bathroom; or more accurately, a bathroom in a small RV or trailer.

My ideal RV is small, simply because I have this notion that small means we will be less restricted on where we can go. We can find secluded spots, we’re not going to get hung up on overhanging branches, we can take the last spot in a busy campground because we only need 7 metres instead of 12 (that’s 23 ft and 40 ft for my non-metric friends).

Need small bathroom decor ideas? See these amazing RV bathroom renovations!

But having a small RV means you need to be clever with how it’s designed. So let’s have a look at some of those ideas:

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - there are lots of options for a bathroom in a small rv or travel trailer. Not all of them are my preference, but some are more space saving than others. One of those is a porta potty or chemical toilet stored in a cupboard or under the bed.Porta potty in a cupboard

I’m just gonna say right up here, that I hate this idea. Like, really hate it.

I get it though, a porta-potty (chemical toilet) might be the only thing you have room for, and I’m sure it will be fantastic in emergencies.

But I can’t see myself ever pulling out the porta-potty in the middle of the RV, telling my husband to vacate the RV for a few minutes and then having to put the potty back in the cupboard or under the bed or wherever its hidey hole is. The thought of it just makes me feel ick.

Outside shower

If you don’t have a room in your RV for your toilet then you obviously don’t have room for a shower either. So I presume that would mean you either use the campground showers or you have an outdoor set up. I’ve seen some pretty sweet setups too, but I think they’d be for more rugged camping… not the kind of rig you’d set up in a campground methinks?

Solar shower and tent

I see this as being really good for camping, if you’re going to be in one spot for a couple of days. Not really the full timers kind of set up though, huh.

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - this EverShower on Kickstarter is a great idea, but unfortunately their campaign was not fully funded.EverShower

This great Aussie invention (I’m trying not to be bias here) is fantastic IMO. The Evershower is a portable shower that you can set up anywhere (inside or outside), it has small footprint (but (plenty of shoulder room) and you can even recycle the water back if you have a limited water supply. The water is pumped via a 12volt water pump and you can also connect a water heater if you wish.

Check out all the details over on their website:

Van Showers

These are really clever ideas for hooking up a shower to the rear door of your van. To check out how each of these people have built their showers, just click on the picture.

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - A shower with a rain shower head built into the rear door of a van. How awesome is that?! Small RV Trailers Bathroom - A shower with a rain shower head built into the rear door of a van. How awesome is that?! Small RV Trailers Bathroom - A shower with a rain shower head built into the rear door of a van. How awesome is that?!

If you’re you’re after some more RV bathroom inspiration, check out these RV Bathroom Renovations and RV Bathroom Storage Ideas. And get info here about how to find RV dumping stations and fresh water fill up stations.


Wet Baths

In a small RV, the wet bath seems to make the most sense. At first I was all annoyed at the idea of having a shower and then if I needed to use the loo there’d be a wet toilet, wet floor and steam. But I managed to get over myself… realising that the wet bath means that you can fit all the things that you need, but in the smallest space. There are some things that you might want to consider when looking at wet baths though.

Large enough to turn around

My husband is 187cm (over 6.14 ft) and I’m 173cm (5.67 ft), so we’re not exactly small people. I think it would be important for us to get into the shower space and see if we can actually move in there. I’ve seen wet baths where it looks like you have to be either sitting on the loo or straddling it in order to get under the water.

Height of the shower head

Also check if the shower head is tall enough. If I have to bend over or contort myself in order to get my hair under the shower head, that’s gonna get old real quick.

Size of the basin

Small RV Trailers bathroom - I don't understand why they would bother putting in a vanity, if it's so small that you can't even get your hands under the tap?Why do they make a basin that’s so small you can’t get your hands in there to wash them anyway? Like, why?

All you can do is get your toothbrush under there to wet it, but it’s in such a tight corner with a medicine cabinet right above it that you can’t get your head in close enough to spit… without getting it on your toes. Really, if there isn’t enough room for a basin they should just leave it out and I’ll use the kitchen sink instead.

But there are some clever features that make it not as bad as I thought…

Toilet paper cover

If the the wet bath doesn’t have this, then I’m just left shaking my head at the nonsense.

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - The fold down sink - now that's a clever idea for utilizing the space.The fold down sink over the toilet

This is a good way of saving space.

Expanding Doors

I’ve seen this used in some of the newer Class Bs, where the wet bath door has an extra extension in it so that you can create a bit of elbow space.

Wrap around shower curtain

This will keep the water contained so that you’re not spraying water and soap and shampoo all over the toilet and walls. I like this idea, it’s simple yet effective.

Removable Floor Grate

I’ve see some wet baths that have a wood or bamboo slat floor so that the water can run through and not be pooling at your feet. I think that’s how they work anyway. But what I’d like is if you take the slat floor out, and you stand in the shower floor, have your shower then put the slat floor back, and you’re got a dry floor to stand on!

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - Removable Shower Deck

I’ve done a bit of research and this is what I mean, a shower deck! This one is portable.

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - portable shower deck.

Or you just use a wooden floor mat like these:

Slide Out/Fold Down Shower Tray

The most novel approach I’ve seen so far in small travel trailers bathrooms, it these slide our or fold down shower trays.

When you think about it, the shower is somewhere you spend such a small amount of time in, that it seems crazy to dedicate too much space to something that gets used so little. (Am I revealing too much about myself by saying I don’t spend ages in the shower?)

That’s why I think these fold-down, lift-up (the floor) or slide-out (the shower tray) type of showers are so great.

Small RV Trailers Bathroom - fold down shower Small RV Trailers Bathroom - lift up the floor to reveal the shower tray Small RV Trailers Bathroom - slide out the shower tray

Obviously all these ideas are going to be dependant on your space, budget and what you and your travel companions are going to be comfortable with.

Personally, I would much rather have a full shower, even if I do have to keep it short, than utilizing some of the ideas above. BUT… if having a full shower set up means that I have to work for another five years in order to afford the type of rig that I desire… then give me a cold bucket of water and a flannel, and let’s hit the road now.

What about you? What kind of bathroom will/do you have? Do you have any other novel small RV trailers bathroom ideas?


Small RV / Trailers Bathroom Ideas - when you've only got a small space to live in, your only going to have a tiny space for a shower & toilet (if you have any space at all!) so you need to plan for the best way to utilize any available space. Small RV / Trailers Bathroom Ideas - when you've only got a small space to live in, your only going to have a tiny space for a shower & toilet (if you have any space at all!) so you need to plan for the best way to utilize any available space.


Friday 24th of July 2020

My camper doesn’t have a bathroom sink... I need some ideas!


Wednesday 10th of June 2020

typically your a woman making comments about the porta potty. In a small van, not everyone has room for a pullout bathroom. So a tucked away porta potty works. Sorry for the "ick" factor.


Saturday 13th of June 2020

@deryk pls keep you 'typically... woman' comments to yourself. they add absolutely no value to the review. The shower & toilet solutions and pcis here are useful & succinct. Thatnks for the post.


Saturday 6th of June 2020

It's beautiful. I wish it was mine and I was looking for the world

Debbie Jacobsen

Friday 15th of May 2020

Where do I purchase the fold up shower -- it is the first photo on the left above

Claire Mendez

Tuesday 3rd of September 2019

We are looking for wet bath prefabricated inserts but not have any success in finding where to buy them. Do you have any manufacturers? Thanks

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