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Travel Trailer Sofa Replacement

We’ve been looking for a travel trailer sofa replacement for our little travel trailer (14ft Millard Caravan… it’s an Aussie brand) because the U-shaped bench seats currently in there are not very comfortable. And since the storage underneath them is a bit hard to get to, we barely use it.

What we really need is a sofa, then we’ll get a lot more use out of the area. If we could get one that reclines that would be AWESOME (!!!) although I think I might be dreaming with that one, but if could have storage built in then I’d be one happy camper!

So the search is on, and I thought I’d share what I find here, in case you also are needing to replace your RV sofa.

In this post we’ll have at the different types of sofas for your RV, and also some of the manufacturers and suppliers that may be useful for helping you find the perfect sofa for your RV.

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RV Jackknife Sofas

The jackknife RV sofa beds are one of the most common sofas you will find in an RV. They’re useful because they’re a simple design with not too much bulk, and they’re easy to convert into a bed.

A couple of notes to think about when choosing an RV jackknife sofa:

  • It may only be suitable for a child or short adult
  • When folded out it may be a bit ‘front heavy’ so will need to be secured to the floor (which I’m sure you’ll want to do anyway, since it’s in an RV)

RV Jackknife Sofa with Storage

I like the idea of having storage in every possible nook and cranny in our travel trailer, but it still has to be practical. Some have drawers underneath, like this one:

Many do not have built in storage, but they do have a removable kick plate at the front which gives you access to the large space underneath the sofa. 

Also, some furniture retailers that specialize in RV furniture, have jackknife sofas that include just the sofa part, so you could sit them up on a base that has drawers/storage in it.

RV Sofa Sleeper

Maybe you’re just looking for an RV sofa sleeper replacement for one that has already worn out in your RV.

There are lots available online. I found that if you start with a google search of “RV sofa”, it will start you off on the right track to finding one that is the right size, style and color for your RV.

Small RV Recliners

How about replacing RV couch with recliners? Much as we would absolutely love this option for ourselves, it just won’t fit in our travel trailer.

We’d need to kiss goodbye to any aspirations of storage underneath too.

Trifold RV Sofa

The tri-fold sofa is just another type of sofa that you could get that would increase the number of beds.


Another type of sofa that has come to my attention quite recently is the Couchbed. A memory foam mattress that folds up into a comfy couch.

Fold-out RV Sofa or Sleeper

If you’re after a much more minimalistic option, how about this fold out sofa that either sits stored away against the wall, can be a sofa (albeit a not very comfy one IMO) or a bed.

RV Ottoman

An RV ottoman might be the right solution (and fit) for your RV. Something like these convertible / multi-purpose RV furniture ottomans…

An RV storage ottoman…

Or you can make a feature of your RV storage ottoman with a stand-out piece of RV furniture like this one…


As I’ve been doing this research, there have been a couple of recommendations I’ve seen that make total sense:

  • It’s very likely that you’ll need to secure your RV sofa, so consider how you will do this before you order.
  • If you decide to get an RV recliner, when you measure up the space for it, don’t forget to factor in how much room you will need when it’s fully reclined (both at the front of the recliner and behind).
  • And I’ve left the best for last… will it fit through the door of the RV? If it requires you to assemble it yourself, it probably will fit through, but if not, this will be the most important factor to consider!

RV Furniture Outlet Stores

The pics that I’ve shown above are mostly for Amazon products, but of course there are plenty of other suppliers that might have better options for you.

Here a couple I have found online that seem to have a great range of RV specific furniture.

Personally, I’m actually no closer to finding a piece of furniture for our travel trailer sofa replacement. Since the space is so small, AND it’s on the curved end wall.

I think that we’ll need to have something custom made… or make it ourselves. 

Then again, we may just leave it as it is!

Mary Cabral

Saturday 12th of September 2020

I found one on wayfair ...look for measurments and what you need to assemble ...

Mary Ellen Rossberg

Saturday 18th of July 2020

Try Ikea. Take your measurements and see what will fit it. We wanted to replace a "click" sofa that had arms and wasn't even big enough for a child, let alone an adult. We found a sofa without arms that pulled out to a queen sized bed. We had to assemble it inside the camper, lol, but it fit exactly.


Friday 31st of May 2019

Any ideas for replacing a sectional sofa that's in a fifth wheel? Nothing in the stores or online will fit the space. Baffled as to whats next!


Wednesday 5th of June 2019

Ah, it's a bit of a struggle huh! If you can't find one to fit the space, you may need to consider something custom built?


Tuesday 19th of February 2019

We built our own sofa because at the time I was struggling with finding something in the dimensions we needed that had storage but now I sorta wish we would have just bought a "normal" sofa in a style I loved and skipped the storage because we could probably get rid of the randomness under there anyway, haha. I can definitely see how building custom can be the best option when you're super limited on space though.


Tuesday 19th of February 2019

It's like a never ending learning process, huh! Even though we've got next to no storage space, we've still got random-ness under our couch too.. all because it's too hard to get to.


Wednesday 13th of February 2019

I want to replace the sofa in my trailer so bad! I want reclining chairs since they are so much more comfortable and I don't need the sleeping space -- and you can always sleep in the chairs.


Tuesday 30th of May 2023

@Ava, We bought a love seat with two reclining seats. Love it. Comfy and recline nearly flat so you can sleep on them. We found it on sale at LazeeBoy.


Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Yes, I'm all for the recliner too!

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